Different Types of Gardening, Garden Types

Gardening is an art of arranging and planting of trees and plants in a creative way. It is the activity of growing and cultivating plants. In common language, we can say that gardening is growing plants, vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers, etc as a hobby or pastime. There are various ways to do gardening. Some people do gardening in their yard in planters whereas some people do it on the terrace. Gardening is considered good for the refreshment of the mind and is a relaxing activity. It is proven that gardening helps in reducing stress, controls blood pressure, and helps in lose weight. There are various types of gardening that people nowadays do.

Flower gardens

Flower GardeningEveryone loves flowers. With so many colors and patterns and different types of flowers, people make their garden look beautiful. This is the most common type and demands great exertion. Although there are thousands and millions of different flower gardens, the most common and most loved by people is the rose garden. Almost everyone in this world loves flowers.

Rock gardens

Rock GardeningRock garden or rockery or Alpine garden is a garden where arrangements of rocks, stones, pebbles, soil, and rock plants around them. It includes those softscape plants which are suitable for those conditions. For preparing rock gardens you need to have those plants which can grow in areas with poor soil and not adequate water there. The most common rock garden plants are succulent, cactus, rock cress, alyssum, etc.

Water gardens

Water GardensThe water garden is also known as an aquatic garden. It is concerned with water feature plants grown in water. Water added life to all types of gardens. Water gardens can be made in the house as well as outside the house. It is the oldest form of gardening. It can be of any size and depth. The most common water garden plants are lotus, rain lily, pothos, etc.

Herb gardens

Herbs GardeningHerb gardens are the simplest and easiest way of gardening. It can be grown in little soil and sunshine, some water and some fertilizer. Herbs can be grown inside as well as outside of the house. It can be grown in pots as well as on the ground. But the plants prefer to grow on grounds because of it’s spreading nature. The size of herbs may differ by the spaces. The normal size of the plants is 1-5 feet approximately. The most common herbs are mint, rosemary, basil, thyme, etc.

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