Presidential Candidates, Ranked By Wealth

2016 Presidential Candidates, Ranked By Wealth

While, as usual, the 2016 election is over a year away, we already have a multitude of candidates to consider. You know just what that means. Time to prepare for arguments with friends, Facebook messages and awkward discussions around the water cooler.

While you’re planning for the election season, we’ve turned to the Responsive Politics Core,, and all the other tools available to bring you a wealth-based ranking of the current candidates. And yes, you know who came out on top of this list already.

George Pataki – Unknown

Who: Former New York Governor Pataki has not been given enough coverage in recent years to measure his fortune for anyone, though his net worth was around $1 million in the 1990’s. Allow no worries. We are positive that he is doing well.

Martin O’Malley – Unknown

Former Maryland Governor O’Malley wasn’t under the spotlight long enough to give us a good picture of his net worth after escaping the huge amount of media attention heaped on his competition. That said, we do know that his salary was $150,000 as Governor of Maryland, which seems like a number some of these other candidates might make on a speaking tour.

Bernie Sanders – $330,507

Senator It’s just a bit upset to know that Sanders is definitely considered weak when compared to his competition, even with that much capital.

Marco Rubio – $443,509

Rubio’s fairly humble history means that he has only accrued around half a million dollars in net worth. If he fails to get the nomination, he’d probably be settling for a book deal.

Lindsey Graham – $1 Million

Hey, for most of us it might sound like a lot of money, but compared to some of his future fellow presidents, Lindsey Graham is just “comfortable.” Donald Trump probably forgot a number that even exists this big.

Rand Paul – $1.3 Million

Being a doctor with political ambitions can be fairly lucrative, as fellow candidate Ben Carson proves.

Rick Perry – $3 Million

Rick Perry made his money through his work in politics, writing books and, well, making family connections. To be honest, though, having a filthy rich family is a political tradition in America.

Chris Christie – $4 Million

Christie has said he is not rich. Either he’s confused about what wealthy means, or his bank account hasn’t been checked in a while.

Hillary Clinton – $15.3 Million

When you’re engaged for so long in politics, there’s just kind of random money in your life.

Jeb Bush – $22 Million

In recent years, Bush has made much of his money delivering speeches and consulting. And his family is pretty much a huge deal or something.

Donald Trump – $4 Billion

Who: Company owner, businessman, apparently serious about running for president

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It should come as no surprise that Trump takes top spot on this list. He has so many properties and income sources that even he doesn’t really know how much money he has.

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