Don’t Run Behind Goals. Start Enjoying The Process

Hey fellas, Are you looking for a piece of life advice that could change your life? Do you find it challenging to go through your day to day life without watching a motivational video? Well,  this has become the habit of today’s generation…searching for motivation online…thinking today an article is going to change their lives and the way they do things…reading articles on Quora and watching motivational videos has become a daily routine…Still, nothing changes at all. They daydream, afraid to take action, procrastinate and fail to take action that can make them productive.

Everybody wants to reach the pinnacle of success in a short time and nobody wants to do the grunt work. Daydreaming isn’t going to take you anywhere because in real life you have to take consistent action and forget about all the results you want. Want to become a writer start writing every day. Want to clear an exam Start studying small and incrementally increase the time spent on your studies.

One thing Lord Krishna said in Geeta resonates with me…he said “Do your work tirelessly and don’t focus on the end result and enjoy the journey” However most young people fail to understand the true meaning of their saying. He meant don’t be so overwhelmed by the end goal that you want to achieve instead work hard and believe that you will get something good out of it. I am doing the same here and hope you will too. I believe a calm and stress-free mind is the key to success. Our task is to identify what we want to achieve…decide a goal and work hard to accomplish it.

So, stop cribbing and searching for life advice on the internet and start working right now….


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