Things To Consider Before You Decide To Choose A Way To Earn As A Student

So, you are searching for a way to earn some money and turn your free time into some sort of income source? This is a great idea but for a student, it is a hard thing to do and that too in India? We live at a time when we are interconnected with all the world through the wide range of social media websites, forums, apps, and many more digital avenues. This is a great thing because you exist at a time when you can have any information on your fingertips. However, you can only be successful if you know how to use that information successfully. There are a lot of ways by which you can earn money but only a few of them will come to fruition in the long run. Because not everything that glitters is gold.

So, when students search on the internet about the various ways they can earn money they find some of the following options listed.

  • Blogging and earning through Adsense
  • Youtube channel
  • Programming
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Digital marketing
  • Working a part-time job
  • Teaching
  • Internships

All these options are nice however you need to first answer a few questions:

  • Can you sustain the work in the long run?
  • How soon are you expecting income or profits? & how much?
  • Do you plan to make it your full-time career or just want to earn a little money?
  • Do you have an innate talent or are you willing to put in hard work to acquire skills?
  • Does your daily routine allow you to put in enough time to succeed at your work?

These are just the basics and there are a lot more questions from where they came from. You have to access your situation and then decide whether you would be satisfied with the work that you want to do. There are two main things which stop anyone from getting success.

Paralysis Analysis or Self Doubt: Many students choose a path by getting inspired by their friends, relatives, famous personalities or online sensations. However, you need to understand that accomplishing your goals isn’t a piece of cake and you need to work consistently to attain your goals. More often I have observed that students overthink their decisions and often don’t act on their ideas because of the cons they find our while analyzing the results of the work they had chosen. Well, the only first rule of success is to just start working on your goals with whatever resources and knowledge you have.

Have you ever played a strategy game like clash of clans or stronghold legends? Ever wondered when you will be reaching the top levels? What I have observed is that I have a very basic strategy about the game and I start playing it. I get obsessed with the motive of becoming one of the best players in the game. I play whenever I get time, even when I am eating food, standing in a lift, waiting for someone, etc. The point I want to make is that I just dedicate every single minute of my life to achieve success. The whole day I keep on thinking about the game and everything else takes a backseat. The strategy of the game keeps on changing as the game progresses and I keep on chasing new levels. So, I don’t obsess about the result as much I am obsessing about improving my skills on the go and just enjoying. So, the moral of this anecdote is that you just need to keep on doing your work and don’t think too much about the final results.

“Slow and steady wins the race”    

Not Sticking to your decision: This one is bloody important as I have been a victim of not following this lesson in my life. Most of my failures come from the fact that I decided something to do but after some time stopped working on it because I was not able to imagine a positive outcome at the end. However, as I look back on the past I realize that I would have been successful at anything if I hadn’t given up so earlier. So, no matter what you do just stick to your goals and never back down from a decision you made. Because there is light at the end of the tunnel called life.

“If you put your mind to anything then it is achievable after a certain point of time.”

So, that was a haphazardly written blog post but I hope it might prove useful to you in some manner.

Adios Fellas

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