CoronaVirus end According to Astrology

The one wish that we all want in today’s scenario is “THE END” of CORONAVIRUS Pandemic. One fine day we get up and find that it’s no more, gone with the wind, Vanished!! But how will this happen? Will it go away on its own? Will the human race win over such a strong invisible enemy? How long will it take to overcome this challenge? What does horoscope say? These are the questions that are boggling every mind on our planet today.

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Astrology has answers to all of these questions:

 World will see the farewell of Coronavirus between September’20 to November’20.

It’s when the complete control over the pandemic will be achieved. Things will take a positive turn from May onwards. Jupiter, the ruling planet for India’s horoscope in 2020 is entering Capricorn from 30th June and staying there till 20th November. This is the time when we will see a breakthrough in this and at least some level of control will be exercised in India. But the world will be impacted majorly by then.

There are several reasons why the Corona outbreak took place….most importantly is the human dictatorship over the planet. The “KARMA” returns, justice prevails….earth is healing itself now!! Astrologically it is a result of the malefic effect of Rahu and Saturn on our planet. Psychic “Sylvia Browne” predicted the outbreak several years back in her book.

Planetary Positions affecting CORONA PANDEMIC

It’s the vedic samvatsar 2076 which started from April 2019 and continued till March 2020. The King of planets in this is SATURN and the minister is SUN.

It’s the SATURN which causes diseases, War like situations and other ailments. These ailments are caused through Air transmission/transportation. Corona spread through people coming and going in the country through AIRLINES.

Rahu which is the cause of Viruses, hidden agenda, mysterious things & Saturn( Air  conveyance) have a 6-8 aspect that created mayhem in the entire world.

Saturn-Pluto Conjunction :- It creates mass annihilation and pandemics.

Jupiter- Ketu :- It’s the main cause of diseases. Jupiter will be in debilitation till 30th June 2020 which will cause impurity in air, wicked governance and the steep rise in problems.

Ketu in Moola Nakshatra & Rahu in Ardra Nakshatra will cause more havoc. Ardra Nakshatra has caused the expansion of Rahu “The VIRUS”.

The END of VIRUS: Astrological Aspects

  • 13 April-14 May 2020

A very important period in which exalted Sun, which is the lord of medicine and healings will bring some breakthrough in this pandemic. Saturn in retro gesticulation from 11th May will comfort the present state of affairs slightly.

  • 15th June 2020

The conjunction of Saturn-Pluto will end and will slowly ease out the impact of CORONAVirus.

  • 19th September 202030th September 2020

 Saturn-Rahu Shadashtak Yoga is coming to an end. This will heal the world from the clutches of CORONAVirus. Corona Pandemic will deter off from the planet.

The End of Pandemic is forecasted with the development of herd immunity or development of vaccines. As per astrological readings, the number of cases will reduce after 15th April and India will defeat Coronavirus by June. The world will suffer from the CORONA virus in some or the other manner till September 2020.

It’s the unique conjunction of Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, Moon, Shani and Ketu which gave birth to the Corona pandemic. Both Astrologically and scientifically it’s the Sun which will eradicate this virus from the planet. Sun will protect us and with the rising temperature across the country the downfall in number of cases can be expected from May.

This is a temporary thing and tough times will pass soon. India’s optimism will lead us to victory over this cruel virus.  This pandemic has raised an alarm for all of us. We must take care of our planet and mother nature. When nature starts taking revenge it does not discriminate and spares anyone based on caste, creed, rich or poor.  It hits everybody hard.

Till this pandemic ends only Social Distancing is the key which can save us. No public gatherings, washing hands, use of sanitizers and staying home could only save us from this awful enemy of mankind.

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