Linkedin Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses & Companies

 Main goals to achieve:

  • Expand brand awareness
  • Drive traffic to website
  • Reach target audience
  • Promote product

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Steps that should be taken in order to achieve organic growth and drive traffic from LinkedIn.

Daily posts should be created for company page which will include:

  • Company blog posts (Need at least 3 blogs in a week from client. If the client wants I can also write blogs on my own.)
  • Company announcements
  • Event promotion
  • Videos
  • Images

Posting in other groups related to our topic and having good number of users. Such posts will also include:

  • Industry-related news
  • Company blog posts
  • Company announcements
  • Event promotion
  • Videos and Images , etc.


  • Apart from other groups a company group should also be created in which all the employees and interested persons can get to know about the blog posts and events.
  • The posts could be shared every day at a fixed time according to the time standards of Australia.
  • Posting and increasing individual connections on LinkedIn with the help of an individual profile.
  • Creating LinkedIn Showcase Pages is also a good strategy for individual services or courses.

 LinkedIn Paid Marketing Strategy

These are the three main methods through which you could reach out to your target audience through paid marketing efforts on LinkedIn.

  1. Run native ads in the LinkedIn feed across desktop and mobile
  2. Text Ads: We can drive new customers to our business on PPC basis.
  3. Sponsored Inmail: Send personalized messages to the targeted audience in bulk.

LinkedIn Organic Marketing Strategy

Here is the initial roadmap to make the LinkedIn Company page more presentable and to drive traffic through organic marketing efforts.

  • Optimizing the LinkedIn page as per the industry standards is the most basic and initial task that is necessary.
  • Minimum three blog posts are to be created and added to the website blog each week which then would be shared on the LinkedIn page.
  • Regular posts about relevant information, offers and events should be made.
  • Daily posts should be created for company page which will include:
  • To increase interaction with users’ custom images and creative videos should be shared at regular intervals.
  • The LinkedIn company page would also be promoted by individual profile by joining a number of groups and sharing posts with them.
  • The individual profile should have All Star status and would be used to make relevant connections to industry leaders and to those people who are interested in your field.
  • Posting in other groups related to our topic and having good number of users. Such posts will also include:
  • A company group page is also a good idea to provide a place to users who want to know more about our company and services offered.

LinkedIn Paid Marketing

These are the various methods through which you could perform promotion on LinkedIn, increase brand awareness, drive traffic and generate leads.

 Sponsored Content

This kind of ads lets us to promote Company Page through updates, regular posts to drive users to our website. Most people prefer to use the Pay Per Click Campaigns in this kind of ads.

Such ads help us promote a piece of content that we already have on our Company Page.

Sponsored content ads lead to more engagement because they are displayed directly in the news feed of users. Larger images and descriptive texts can be used in order to attract users to click through to your website.

linkedin ads Amprovise

Sponsored InMail

The Sponsored InMail ads allows us to drive more leads and engage the target audience by sending personalized, private messages to their LinkedIn inboxes.

Messages sent through this method consist of a custom greeting, body text, call-to-action button, and a link can also be added to direct traffic to the website.

The ability to send direct messages to users makes it a very good marketing strategy. The messages are delivered with 100% surety as LinkedIn sends the messages to users only when they are online.

Text Ads

The text ads are almost similar to those ads that are shown on Google in Search Engine Result Pages. Multiple variations of each ad can be created  which makes it easy for us to choose the best looking ad. The text ads are only visible to LinkedIn users whom are browsing on LinkedIn desktop.  These ads are great to start with because they help us to increase brand awareness.

Dynamic Ads

The dynamic ads are also displayed on the right hand sidebar of LinkedIn. Such ads are dynamic in nature which means through such ads the users can interact directly and perform actions like downloading a sample ebook of the course. Members can also send their full name and email address directly through dynamic ads, without ever having to enter their information by hand. These ads are great for advertising job openings or increase the follow count of your LinkedIn company page.

Ad Formats that we can leverage while doing paid promotion on LinkedIn.

  • Single Image Ad
  • Carousel Image Ad
  • Follower Ad
  • Spotlight Ad
  • Job Ad
  • Video Ad
  • Message Ad

The format of ad is chosen on the basis of our objectives and strategy.

linkedin ad formats amprovise

To define our target audience LinkedIn provides us with the following ad attributes

  • Company
  • Demographics
  • Education
  • Job Experience
  • Interests

target audience linkedin Amprovise

Note: Like other ad platforms like Google Ads, there isn’t a set price for a LinkedIn Ad campaign. However, LinkedIn Ads typically has higher CPCs (cost-per-click) than paid promotion on other advertising platforms. Here is a sample of CPC and Conversion percentage for marketing on LinkedIn and Google Ads.


  Google Ads LinkedIn
Average CPC $3.56 $13.88
Conversion Rate 0.75% 0.87%


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