Things to consider before you decide to choose a way to earn as a student

So, you are searching for a way to earn some money and turn your free time into some sort of income source? This is a great idea but for a student, it is a hard thing to do and that too in India? We live at a time when we are interconnected with all the world through the wide range of social media websites, forums, apps, and many more digital avenues. This is a great thing because you exist at a time when you can have any information on your fingertips. However, you can only be successful if you know how to use that information successfully. There are a lot of ways by which you can earn money but only a few of them will come to fruition in the long run. Because not everything that glitters is gold.

Don't run behind goals. Start enjoying the process

Hey fellas, Are you looking for a piece of life advice that could change your life? Do you find it challenging to go through your day to day life without watching a motivational video? Well,  this has become the habit of today's generation…searching for motivation online…thinking today an article is going to change their lives and the way they do things…reading articles on Quora and watching motivational videos has become a daily routine…Still, nothing changes at all. They daydream, afraid to take action, procrastinate and fail to take action that can make them productive.

A List Of Intersting Books To Read

Reading books is good for your mind as it improves your vocab, imagination, knowledge, intellect and it entertains without making any making any major impact on your dopamine…here are a few books which I read in the past year…I hope soon there will be new updates in this list…so find a good book  and start reading

Be Process Oriented Not Goal Oriented

"Let the fruit of action be your motive to action. Your business is with action alone, not with the fruit of action"
- The Bhagwad Geeta

What the writer wants to convey is to be process oriented not goal oriented person. Being a goal oriented person is good but that doesn't mean that you start to obsess about it. Focusing on the journey to achieve your goal is what matters. Enjoy the process, let the results not affect you in a drastic way. It is like preparing for an exam but not being worried about the result. You just do what you think you should be doing. I know its hard and its too philosphical but that doesn't mean it can't be true....Give it a try..who knows might be the solution to your problems.

Content Is King...Is It? Improve Your Content Writing Skills

Everybody says “Content is King” but is it…Well you need to provide something informative and interesting to your customers because that is what they are looking for. You have to provide the users or readers something which helps them in real life solution to their problems, an insight, a perspective that could change their life for the better or provide them entertainment. Content writing is an art and anybody can do it, if he/she is willing to... Nobody wants to read boring essays and articles on the internet…They just want something that could keep them engaged.